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This data represents crime reported to the Seattle Police Department (SPD). Each row contains the record of a unique event where at least one criminal offense was reported by a member of the community or detected by an officer in the field. This data is the same data used in meetings such as SeaStat ( for strategic planning, accountability and performance management.
These data contain offenses and offense categorization coded to simulate the standard reported to the FBI under the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) and used to generate Uniform Crime Report (UCR) summary statistics. As these records evolve, daily and are continually refreshed, they will not match official UCR statistics. They represent a more accurate state of the record.
Previous versions of this data set have withheld approximately 40% of crimes. This updated process includes all records of crime reports logged in the Departments Records Management System (RMS) since 2008, which are tracked as part of the SeaStat process. In an effort to safeguard the privacy of our community, offense reports will only be located to the “beat” level. Location specific coordinates will no longer be provided.
Beats are the most granular unit of management used for patrol deployment. To learn more about patrol deployment, please visit: In addition to the Departments patrol deployment areas, these data contain the “Neighborhood” where the crime occurred, if available. This coding is used to align crime data with the Micro Community Policing Plan (MCPP). For more information see:
As with any data, certain condition and qualifications apply:
1) These data are refreshed, daily and represent the most accurate, evolved state of the record.
2) Due to quality control processes, these data will lag between 2 and 6 weeks. Most changes will occur within that record and reports logged in the last 2 weeks should be treated as volatile. Analysts may wish to remove these records from their analysis.

3) Not all offenses are reported here, only the primary offense as determined by the “Hierarchy Rule.” For more information on NIBRS and UCR, see the FBI (
4) This dataset contains records of offenses that occurred prior to “go-live” of the existing RMS. Records are queried based on the full population of data and are not constrained by “Occurred Date.”
We invite you to engage these data, ask questions and explore.

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